YOKED : Teaching Apprentices Of Jesus By Dr Larry Asplund

In the Great Commission as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel Jesus left his followers with clear instructions: They were make disciples by teaching people to obey all he had commanded them.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really thought about Jesus as giving commandments.  We all know about the Ten Commandments in the book of Exodus but Jesus came “full of grace.”  Surely fullness of grace did not involve commandments, let alone the need to obey those commandments.  But there it was, recorded plainly in these famous words of Jesus.  If making (and being) disciples requires us to teach people how to obey the commandments of Jesus, maybe we should focus more attention on what those commandments are, and how to obey them.

Dr. Larry Asplund

Dr. Asplund has a new book release titled: Yoked: Teaching Apprentices of Jesus.  It is available on Amazon and Kindle.