Will The Real Church Please Stand Up ? By Dr. Paul C Collins

It would be easy to fall into the trap of following in the footsteps of others.  I prefer to think outside the box.  I want to be as innovative as possible.  That is my intention as I evaluate the current American and world scene.

The signs of the times point to the very strong likelihood that the days of the earth as we know it are numbered. That means that the time remaining for America and Americans is probably limited.

Where is the church in this scenario?  And, which church do we mean? How is the church defined?  What about believers?  Are all believers Christian? Are all “Christians” really Christian?

Are the Pentecostal, charismatic, and fundamental preachers on television correct in their assessment of the days in which we live?  For the most part, “Christian Television” is dominated by very (so-called) conservative preachers with a very conservative view of life, theology, and politics.  I think this is the REAL truth: most of them do not understand conservatism theologically or politically.  Most of them are parroting what they have heard other televangelists say … especially if the “sayings” pull in lots of money!

Will the real church ever stand up?  The church that is NOT built on a “faith cult” platform or a “grace cult” platform or a “celebrity cult” platform IS the most likely candidate to be the real body of Christ.  Will that church ever stand up and be noticed?

When the true worshipers worship, God will respond to their need.  There is a man who does fundraising for at least two so-called “Christian” networks and more than a few televangelists and he says God does not respond to our need but only responds to our “seed” (money).  What a pitiful, outrageous, and phony scheme to extract money from the desperate and the uninformed.

So, while the world is on the verge of experiencing the fires of The Book of the Revelation, the real church is not being heard because it is drowned out by the incessant noise of the shouters, dancers, motivational speakers, and phony fundraisers.