“Why is this ActsFest so Important?” by Dr. James R. Wining

Do you know or remember Ancient Rome required its citizenry to return to their places of birth to be counted and taxed. Hopefully. you know of our School Districts across the USA that have a day when parents and guardians are encouraged to have their children show up at school and be counted for tax revenue sharing. Even churches have a day to report to their collective bodies their membership count. So why has Acts Ministry with its pastors, ministers, ministries, subordinates and nonprofits not required a day of accountability?

Acts Ministry has always been a safe haven for new ministry ideas, for older ministers who have been pushed aside for their righteousness, for Christian enterprise that helps those cast aside, for social issues passed over due to lack of glamorous appeal and for innovation that puts “Unity, In Christ, through The Holy Spirit,” the reason for the new look of “The 21st Century Church.” This is why this year we have a call to arms. Not guns but people who know, recognize, respect, trust and love Acts Ministry for what it is doing for them as a pastor, minister, ministry, subordinate, non profit, follower and supporter. Moreover, what Acts Ministry is doing in a world apathetic to hostile to Christianity. 

This ActsFest we have because of worldly circumstances(The Corona v19 Virus) and technological advances by our Division Acts Media Group, Acts Television Network and Acts Radio made it possible for nearly everyone to see and hear our 8 very important Seminars July 16-17, 8am-Noon. This is the time to, be there in person or online, be financially supportive of the supervision and works of Acts Ministry and its Divisions and find out not only how we are quietly and effectively helping you but also how you can be apart of this stand for Christ.

This is a different world today for Christians and we need to draw near those who seek the peace of “Unity, in Christ, Through The Holy Spirit.”  If you do not register and be accountable we assume are paths have crossed and are no longer together. May God grant us strength and understanding during these last days.