“Why ActsFest?” by Dr. James R. Wining

Dear Friends, Ministers, Ministries & Nonprofits,
I have noticed a fury of SRG Reporting (Information about what is going on in their works). That is fine. We use the information for a variety of purposes but a piece of this information is used to determine your works, your needs and your recognitions that should be given and shared.
I have a limited time and schedule to visit your church, your nursing home mission, your soup kitchen, your group meetings & so on. Yes, the SRG gives me a glance into what you are doing and a wonderful appreciation of you and the people you serve. ActsFest is important this particular  time because we are reaching out to connect into the financial world for funding for three important purposes. They are: 1. Awareness into the world-Acts Radio, Acts Television Network, The Real News-Review and AMG Events.  2. Support Coordinating help including but not limited to funds, people, resources for subordinates and 3.Service by doing & fulfilling direct projects 
Every year since I have been President of Acts Ministry I have had multiple personal conflicts in scheduling. It truly has tested my letter of commitment to God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Why I don’t know but in this case I see a world split down the middle, children raised without morals and values and governments dysfunctional in helping the people. If ActsFest is able to do what God has purposely laid upon it, we can start making a difference. Your presence might make a difference in moving Acts Ministry into the appropriate role of Christian Unifier.
God Bless,