“Whose on Board?” by James R. Wining


We as Christians spend a significant about of time noting the disharmony in political leaders and candidates. We are quick to explain how they are not helping the elderly, the disabled, the veterans, the homeless and so on. Why is it we can see their faults and not our own?

Have you noticed the ever escalating number of Christian churches, Christian benefits or even Christian fellowships?  Is there also a lack of cooperation in Christianity? Maybe it is causing a lack of accomplishment, an absence of social improvement or even chaos and hostility both internally and externally. Certainly expenses are not trimmed with duplicating efforts and the public is thereby less served.

In the secular world Christianity is deemed irrelevant or immaterial. Maybe we need to spend a significant about of time looking at ourselves instead of political leaders and candidates and accomplishing something that is tagged, “Doing the Right Thing,” by being “In Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.” Let’s not be “Single Minded in our Causes,” but rather together in a cooperative openness for God’s love of humankind. Amen