“Whistleblower,” by Dr. James R. Wining

In 1973 it took a whistleblower by the name of John Dean to bring down President Richard Nixon and forever change the nature and scope of the relations between the Executive and Legislative Branches of government.Some might recall “The Watergate Scandal,” and say it was investigative reporting or some other stroke of luck owing to the eventual disclosures of attorney John Dean. However, most would assuredly agree without John Dean blowing the whistle on the Watergate incident and its susequet cover up the government we enjoy today would lack aggressive oversite from media and from the oversite the different branches of government exercise upon themselves.

To maintain a free and republic form of government certain elements of society must be protected. Most likely one of the top elements is a “Government by the people and for the people.” In essence we are saying a government elected by the people. Therefore, free and unabated voting of the legally prescribed citizenry is crucial.