“Where are the Men of God?” by Dr. James R. Wining

This will be a seminar in 2019 to kick-off Acts Ministry in Action focusing on:
             Veterans & their families
             Disabled individuals
             Elder needs & limitations 
             Single family living
             Social catastrophes Divorce, bankruptcy, unemployment, homelessness
Here is the outline for calling men into action!!!

Where are the men of God?
(A seminar by Christian Laity Men)

  1. SEX
    1. Secular standard
    2. Christian standard
    b. Marriage
    1. Secular standard
    2. Christian standard
    c.  Extra-marital relations
    1. Secular standard
    2.  Christian standard
    d.  Divorce
    1. Secular standard
    2. Christian standard
  2. Money
    a.  Wants needs & desires
    1. Secular approach
    2. Christian approach
    b. Budgeting debt & income balance
    1. Secular approach
    2.  Christian teachings
    c.  Bankruptcy
    1. Secular position
    2. Christian teachings
  3. Power
    a. Physical
    1. Secular uses of physical power
    2. Christian uses of physical power
    b. Spiritual
    1. Secular recognition of spiritual forces
    2. Christian explanations of spiritual power

a. Effects of drugs
b. Effects of war
c.  Effects of obesity