“What’s Up Europe & America,” by James R. Wining




Just returned from Germany again from a wonderful time with friends and family. Ran into interesting wisdom from a Doctor of Oceanographer from Vladivostok, Russia, a Genealogist from Copenhagen, Denmark, a taxi driver from Hamburg, Germany, a merchant from Kiel, Germany and a Lawyer from London, England. Somehow it might fit altogether for your better interest.

The Doctor of Oceanographer from Vladivostok, Russia  was amazed to think America believed Russia wanted Trump president. She also opening chuckled about the time involved in analyzing an impossible relationship. Her fundamental question, “Why would Russia want a self centered bully with power?”

The Genealogist from Copenhagen, Denmark admitted there genealogy background service for the public was based on the Nazi system set up in the 1930’s to analyze human deficiencies and perfect a race. “Why would the world care about the intent as long as the means justifies the end.”

The merchant from Kiel, Germany answered my question concerning-“Where are the American cars?” I had remembered in the 1980’s how Europe was crowded with English Fords and Chevrolets but today I could only find one in a city of nearly 2 million people.  His answer, “Import duties here and none of significance in America.”

The lawyer from England remarked about Brexit. She said the people of the UK support like Trump does for America their country first. She went on to say Italy will shortly pull out of the European Union. Her final remark was, “The people of America, UK and Italy not the politicians, are rising up for their own countries.”

Finally, my Hamburg, Germany taxi driver. He said, “I wish Chancellor Merkel would think and act for Germany first not The European Union or the Globe.” She needs to put Germany first like Trump does for America,

In summary, we are letting happen or openly supporting Nazi technology, financial treachery, patriotic failure and political ignorance with a an ending of social outrage at the ballot.