“What’s the difference between having a ministry and a church,” by Dr. James R. Wining


Let’s be frank! We are all basically social beings seeking friendship and companionship. So the question begs how do Christians receive that kind of fellowship normally associated with churches. Moreover, through such relationships we hope to receive significant guidance and support for our life time decisions. Where is this wisdom, friendship, cooperation and ultimate love located?

Well the simple and easy answer to that question is a church lead by a minister who you can reach with a simple touch of your phone. A church with pews filled with people you can call anytime in an emergency or simplify for  extra hands and a little experience. However, just someone to be there when your idle hands are grabbing for huge quantities of food or drink or excesses that turn into mounds of debt! Have you been there or are you there now?

It really doesn’t seem to matter whether you attend a church with 5,000 members or you sit home reading the Bible loneness comes from being absent from “God’s Work.” Yes there is God’s Work from a church but chances are ii is not the primary focus of its association which is “Education, correction and socialization,” Church association is usually for believers only and again is absent of the works as described in the Book of James.

So again where “is it all” at for a believer. Where can he/she be lead to do God’s work, receive the fellowship of love and the hand of help and understanding. Hopefully, you have a minister easily reached by phone, a church fellowship that is taught by the minster to be supportive of your needs and personal life goals. Therefore, the end results of you being a part of something worthy for others and yourself. Is this your church in ministry.

If this is not the case or if you are seeking a closer walk with your Christian friends and a meaningful walk to others not-Christian then ministry becomes a significant portion of your life.
Unlike being ministered to you become ministering to others in ways that maybe spirtual, physical or many circumstances inspirational. Your knowledge at whatever level it is can be used to serve others in their life circumstances with awareness, education, physical support, understanding and above all else love. That is the ministry Jesus spoke of and shared wherever and whenever possible in the works of Jesus’ ministry.

Church is there for your safety but ministry is there for the works we are called to do in the New Testament. Consider serving Acts Ministry and its works or one of its subordinated ministries. Time is short for all of us so join us now and “Do The Right Thing.” Email us at 4321acts@gmail.com with your contact information. God Bless