“What is Autism Awareness?” by Dr. James R. Wining

Recently, Acts Media Group on behalf of Acts Ministry, Inc. conducted an autism awareness event termed, “The Autism Awareness Extravaganza.” With remarkable help from Kansas City area to Springfield area ministers, ministries and nonprofits, came together “In Unity,” to raise a tent  and rally around supporters to comfort and inform the public. If all that Acts Media Group did was to bring pastors, churches and nonprofits together to show their love and support to individuals and families affected by autism and to explain to the public what autism looks like-the job was done.

However, questions were posed and solutions were discussed. As summer time moves upon us and outdoor activities increase drowning came up in several conversations. Also, concerns about MMR shots, medications, medical cannabis, 504 Status and relocating to Colorado. We were so Blessed to have Representative Lynn Morris owner of Family Pharmacies to be under the tent to hear some of the stories and to learn why families cling to 504 Status.

Also, not only were we Blessed with new Natural healing remedies to share but also techniques in lifestyle choices which even just a year ago were generally unknown to the public and to families with autistic members. After careful review and pray, we intend to focus our next round of public awareness videos more specifically on “Autism and Water can be a Deadly Mixture.”

Finally, I want to thank Itus Virtus  Robert Shawley, and all of their members for tireless service and devotion to this social issue. Also, to Pastor Robert Lowrance, Pastor Tom Young, Dr. Robert Wilkie, Pastor Leo Froman, Pastor Jackie Scott, Pastor Bruce Pearson, Jason Cobb, Kenny Foster, Pastor Matt Pearson, Mark Land, Bishop Paul Collins, Pastor Dennis Eversen, Pastor Nancy Collins, Sherri Foster,Charles Jackson, Becky Coad, Kim Smith and my wife Pam Wining. Well Done Good and Faithful Servants!!!