“What is Acts Ministry, Inc.” by Dr. James R. Wining

After twenty-five years of providing the vision for the world of awareness, support and service in the name of “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit,” maybe it is time to define for those still confused or puzzled as to what exactly is Acts Ministry, Inc. (AMI) It is not a church, a revival, a single denomination or even a single doctoral philosophy. AMI is a Transdenominational, Transdoctoral parachurch General Non-profit Christian organization operating through subordinates, independently by itself and through its subdivisions.  

A church operates to provide a specific type populace education, correction and socialization. It touches the community and the world specifically from that particular perspective. Many churches usually have specific denominational writings in which to use in applying The Word of God. These churches follow a denomination. Churches also maybe independent but usually follow some type of Doctoral philosophy such as Pentecostal. Irrespective of denomination, doctoral philosophy or even revival groups, the goal is to drive the public into “One Way of Thinking about Christianity.”    

Even Ecumenical Counsels formed at city, county and regional level end up with leaders who are in fact Pastors at a local Methodist, Catholic Church or Assembly of God Church. Such organizations take their time in the rotating place of authority in these Counsels but in actuality there is usually limited peaceful and purposeful works without eventual partisan domination.

Dr. Paul C. Collins, Sr. saw this problem time and time again only to be eventually guided and directed by The Holy Spirit to form Acts Ministry and provide non-partisan leadership in Christian Unity for The World. AIM leads without prejudice as to denomination, doctrine or other matters of Christian Faith. AMI simply requires agreement with its vision. With this vision AMI is able to perform its mission of “Doing the Right Thing,” wherever in The World as a truly Christian Body of Christ as Jesus had prayed for in John 17:20, our Lord’s last prayer!

AMI is a nonprofit General 501c3 cover for ministers, ministries, churches and non-profits. Through its administration of SRG Reporting AMI is able to confirm works, provide awareness of subordinate’s works and lend support. Through its subdivisions of Acts Radio, Acts Television Network and The Real News-Review, AMI is able to provide awareness and support on social issues involving special needs people, elderly people, traumatized people and transient people. Acts Media Group provides the service for such needs by conducting community and nationwide events.

Hopefully, this quiet behind the scenes organization will encourage you to look beyond the safety of your own church, community or denomination and into the hardship areas between the people of The World and the needs once provided by Christians and now absent or covered somewhat by government service on an inconsistent basis.

God Bless,