“What Happened at ActsFest 2020,” by Dr. James R. Wining

This past ActsFest marked steps of development we have been attempting to accomplish for nearly five years. Through this accomplishment we were able to define actually who we are and how we are set apart from other Christian organizations. Truly the art of balancing between retro and cutting edge leaves us in the forefront of Christian unity, missionary purpose and Holy Spirit direction.

We accomplished our 5 year goal of reaching during ActsFest 2020 every minister, ministry, subordinate, supporter, pastor or non-profit who is connected with us in serving Acts Ministry, reporting on their works to Acts Ministry and giving to Acts Ministry for its message, supervision and guidance.  Through this message, supervision and guidance Acts Ministry’s vision of “Unity in Christ through The Holy Spirit,” is proliferated and the mission of “Doing the Right Thing wherever needed,” is spread throughout the Christian and secular worlds. 

At the same time we were able to see those involved, committed and serving the vision and mission. We saw the step up from being a believer and being a serving believer with Acts Ministry. Acts Ministry asks those in service to bring the mission and vision each and every day in a belligerent and hostile world without the protection of large favorable groups, brick and mortar foundations and political favor.  I personally witnessed “The Servant’s Heart,” of Christians who are doing the works of Acts Ministry.They work beyond the boundaries of comfort, protection, financial gain and social acceptance. ActsFest taught me the true prayers of Jesus and what it truly means to serve for all in God’s purpose for mankind. 

If you missed it you still have a chance by going to the ActsFest 2020 Seminars NOW https://actsmediagroup.com/category/acts-ministry-home/acts-ministry-actsfest/