“What Do You Do When God Calls You?” by Jean Andress

I was burned out at my job. I was ready to quit and do anything else, then a flash of insight, a moment of clarity, “Why not take a vacation.” Yep, you labeled me, I’m a type A get the job done no matter the consequences. “Well,” I thought, “what a novel idea.” So I started researching where and when I would go. I knew it needed to be soon. I ended up at a women’s retreat in North Carolina. First time I went solo to something like this, it turns out everyone I knew was busy.

I’m at this retreat by myself hundreds of miles from home and amazing things start happening. I sign up for a massage, after all this counts as a vacation. The woman turns out to not do massages but is an energy healer and intuitive. She says she can’t do the session because I’ve got a whole lot of angels with me. I say, “Well I need a lot to keep me out of trouble.” She says it’s not a joke that I need to take it seriously. Come to find out I’ve been given a spiritual gift and it was time I knew about it. I could feel the energy in my hands and knew the message was true.

Do all calls have to be this dramatic? No, not at all. The compassion you feel seeing a hungry child wants to make you feed that child and so you do. That is answering the call. Having a heart for the homeless in your community spurs you to join a blanket and coat drive. That is answering the call. Understanding the loneliness that can come with growing older convicts you to start visiting nursing homes. That is answering the call. There are endless ways that God uses our hearts to join Him in service to our fellows.

As a friend recently told me when I asked her the question, “What do you do when God calls you?” you
get busy doing something along the lines of the call. For her she had to give up selling Mary Kay and took a speaking class. She is now making inspirational podcasts. I started on a long road of learning different healing modalities. Trust God, He will lead the way as we answer the call one step at a time.


Author: PastorLB