“Voting Accountability,” by Dr. James R. Wining

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Most likely the news media has forgotten two valuable history lessons. First, the presidential election of 1960 and second, the Watergate  incident in 1972. Both were about election criminality. A different kind of president exists today unlike Kennedy or Nixon. Also, a different kind of world exists today with a broader sense of justice.

The 1960 Cook County ballot question in Illinois was not pursued by then Presidential Candidate Richard Nixon which in paraphrased words, “would be to much for the American public. to endure.” Without election challenge President Kennedy was elected. The Watergate break in occurred just one month before the Democratic Convention and eventually caused the responsible candidate and then President Richard Nixon to resign in 1974.

While the news media may forget these two election atrocities the general public has not. Here is what the public is expecting. First, no false voting. Second, voting occurs as prescribed by the applicable state before the election.Third, verified voters with proof of residence, citizenship and life. Fourth, and finally adherence to one vote for one person. Surprisingly, enough one or more of these public objections have occurred in “all” of the so called “Battle Ground States,” of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina.

Let me ask you these questions. If you were on the losing side of all of these “Battleground States,” would you think this is a “Watergate Scam” done to you given the voting substance and timing? Do you think President Trump as the aggrieved party should act as Presidential candidate Richard Nixon did in 1960? Finally, given the irregularities already reported would it be best to pursue ultimate Supreme Court oversite in order to avoid the horrific results experienced and leading up to the  resignation of President Nixon because of election fraud (directly or indirectly).

Regardless, of the fact that I am sitting in the cheap seats in the heart of “Red Country.” this decision really should matter for both candidates.  For Candidate Biden its all about a legacy that is not shrouded in election fraud or deceit. For Candidate Trump its all about what he has done for the country these past four years.. Both men are in their 70’s and in the twilight of their lives. I pray they are mindful of their accountability to the public and are spiritually accountable according to Proverbs 12:22.