Upstairs Over A Vacant Lot By Dr Paul Collins

Did I get your attention with the title?

Upstairs Over A vacant Lot

     This e-letter is being sent to a select group of people. I went through my email address list and asked Holy Spirit to guide as to the recipients. I am increasingly dependent upon Him for guidance.



First Acts Church gathered for worship, fellowship, and prayer this past Sunday at 2:00 in the beautiful chapel on the grounds of Maranatha Village. The small group experienced the presence of Holy Spirit. It was a time of warmth, love, sharing, prayer, and gaining of insights into the nature of God, the Trinity, and hearing from Holy Spirit. The only music was a beautiful and moving solo by Steve Schultz. Toward the close of the gathering, we all met in front of the communion table for a very special prayer session. Dennis Coad, a man anointed to pray for the physical needs of people, prayed.

Personal From Paul:

I have been plagued for several years with the deterioration of tissue (cushions) in my right knee. Almost three years ago, I had arthroscopic surgery which proved to be a very painful experience that lasted several months. Then, I had a few months of respite before the problem became even more exaggerated. I believe in prayer and I believe in miracles. I also believe in medical science … because all knowledge and techniques belong to God. Thus, this past Monday, I had four injections in the knee to block the nerves to handle the constant pain. The injections worked. I readily admit that I prayed diligently before having the procedure to be certain it was a part of the plan of God for my healing. The injections were for diagnostic purposes to determine if I am a candidate for a final procedure to permanently seal off the nerves by burning them. I am a candidate! I give God the credit! I will be able to continue walking the neighborhood, using the treadmill (graciously on loan from Heaven’s Gate Gospel Church), and a low rider bike exercise machine inherited from my late father-in-law.

Also, I am blessed with having Nancy as my wife and faithful co-worker. She is the one who does the bulk of the work around our home — the house and the yard. She spent all of yesterday attending to the yard and this is the second time in this new season. Even as I type this, she is working. Now only does she do all of the house and yard work, she cooks, does laundry, keeps the financial records, does the banking, and volunteers for Acts Ministry. What do I do? I study, write, and practice listening to Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit:

You may be wondering why I refer to HOLY SPIRIT rather than THE HOLY SPIRIT. The reason is simple: Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity — a person. THE Holy Spirit refers to His power. I am in awe of His power! I respect His power! I love Holy Spirit, the person.


A special group of young men are meeting with Nancy and me on Thursday evenings in our home. They are committed to Christ with unwavering loyalty. They are exuberant in their praise of our Lord. Their numbers are growing exponentially! THEY WILL BE FEATURED IN OUR FIRST ACTS CHURCH GATHERING THE FIRST SUNDAY IN MAY (May 6) in the 2:00 service. I hope you will tell a friend!

Not A Bad Word:

Money is not a bad word. It merely designates a measure of value. First Acts Church does not make financial appeals. First Acts Church is a real church. It is not organized along traditional lines. It is truly faith-based. It is truly fellowship-based. It is truly Bible-based. It recognizes the roots of Christianity. There are no membership roles. First Acts Church is one of the supporters of Acts Ministry and Acts Media Group. We maintain a minimal office in the home of the pastor. Money is not a bad word. Thank you for your part in making it possible for First Acts Church to be positioned to “Serve Where Needed” and to “Do The Right Thing” in demonstrating “Unity, In Christ, Through The Holy Spirit” and how ANYONE can come to “Know God, In Christ, Through The Holy Spirit.”


Crosswalk Journey needs a building with a walk-in freezer for their ministry of providing very affordable food to ALL people.

First Acts Church needs a building where all of the services of the ministry can be centralized to coordinate all of the benefits for the community and the outreaches of the faithful. We will not go into debt! We will not “bite off more than we can chew.” A donated building would be the Christian response. Search your memory and contacts bank. Who knows who you may know. Tell a friend.

A Little Bit Of History:

Acts Ministry was incorporated in 1993. Dr. Jim Wining became the president in 2014. At approximately that time, Acts Ministry Church International was incorporated. Later, Acts Ministry Church International was changed to Acts Church United in order to avoid confusion between the two separate, but cooperating, corporations. Someday I will tell the entire story as to why this was done at the direction of Holy Spirit.

First Acts Church is a part of Acts Church United, which is a subordinate nonprofit under the covering of Acts Ministry, Inc. for tax exemption.

I am aware that this information (which is familiar to me since I have worked with it for many years) may be slightly confusing to others. If you need more clarification, do not hesitate to email me  ( or call me at 417-886-0223. If you get an answering machine, leave a very clear voice message and I will return your call expeditiously. By the way — get ready for a great event! ACTSFEST is coming! July 19-22.


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Thank you for reading.

P.S. First Acts Church is also known as The Chapel Of The Holy Spirit and The Healing Center. Tell a friend.