“Unity, God’s Will,” by Dr. James R. Wining


You might be at a church that does not believe in God’s Will for unity if you hear these kinds of remarks in your church? 

  1. Our church is the only way to receive salvation,
  2. Worship can only occur on Sunday,
  3. Baptism must be by immersion,
  4. We Ordain our own pastors,
  5. The King James Bible is the only source for God’s word,
  6. Communion is only available to our church/denominational members,
  7. Marriage is only acceptable within our denomination,
  8. Church leaders such as lay leaders, deacons or elders cannot be divorced,
  9. Children are not Christian until they graduate from our confirmation class,
  10. Homosexuals are not welcome in our church, and
  11. Music is a distraction in worship,
  12. And there are more.

Try your best to offer God’s word on one spirit, one faith and one body in service to God.
If all else fail please, don’t lose faith. Give us an email where and what you need to be in line with God’s Will!!!   4321acts@gmail.com