Touch From Gods Hand By Dr. Paul Collins


Good afternoon,

I am pleased to report that a painful procedure to burn nerve endings in 
my right knee has been cancelled! I was to have it done on October 16.

Why was it considered? I was bone on bone in my right knee. Due to my 
age, I have consistently drawn the line against a total knee replacement.

Four years ago, they did arthroscopic surgery on it to do some repair 
work. I was in pain for quite some time. Through it all, I never missed 
preaching. I carried on a normal schedule using a walker at home and a 
cane (sometimes) in public.

In the last year and a half, I have had two injections into the knee 
followed by two sessions when four needles were used to temporarily dull 
the nerves. The procedure that was to be done this next Tuesday would 
have utilized four needles to burn the nerve endings. That was supposed 
to give relief for 2 to 3 years. I figured I could have about 10 of 
those to get me to 93 or 20 would get me to 103.

This past Sunday, our church (I am the pastor) began to emphasis 
miracles. In the past, we have seen many people healed but the altar 
service was just one of the primary reasons for our Sunday afternoon 
gatherings (we meet the 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoons at 2:00).

We determined prior to last Sunday that all of our services in the 
foreseeable future would stress "A Time For Miracles." Last Sunday was 
the first of many, many gatherings when we will emphasize miracles.

I prayed for about 16 people last Sunday. I didn't pray for myself. 
However, my wife, Nancy, and others were praying for me without my 
knowledge. Monday morning I discovered that I rested Sunday night 
without being awakened by knee pain. Later in the day, I walked about a 
half of a block and realized I felt no pain. Then, as I checked the 
knee, I could sit in a chair with it bent and straighten it out without 
pain or having to force it.

I am at the lowest pain level in many years. The pain is actually minor.

So ... there will be no needles in my knee to burn nerves next Tuesday. 
If I treat God's property right, He will treat it right.

I will keep you informed about this miracle ... and ... I will be 
reporting (in her own words) the story of a mature lady who was 
diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer more than a year and a half ago. Nancy 
and I prayed for her daughter (who was standing in for her mother). The 
lady is a survivor.

God is our creator. Jesus is our redeemer, and the Holy Spirit is our 
counselor. I know God, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit. I give all 
honor and credit to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They are the 
workers of miracles.

Stay blessed,

Dr. Paul Collins

P.S. It is time for all churches to have "A TIME FOR MIRACLES." If you 
want more details, or any other additional information, send an email to 
me or call my cell at 417-830-4343.