“Thoughts Worth Thinking About,” by Dr. Paul Collins


  1. Grace is not a license to do whatever comes naturally.
  2. If you are a Gnostic, a Secularist, a Materialist, a Hedonist, or a Humanist, you are most likely an Atheist. 
  3. Materialism and Carnality (giving priority to the flesh, pleasure, etc.) are the primary movers in politics because they are the main interests of the majority of voters.
  4. Are you among those “Christians” who are calling for “revival”? If you want revival, persuade someone to follow Christ. How long will it take you to tell them all you know about Christianity? How long will it take you to tell them all you know about the Bible? Do you know why Jesus of Nazareth (the historical person) is the Christ?
  5. Does the word “Ecumenism” mean anything to you? Is it relative to your Christian experience? Can you relate it to “unity”? Have you carefully read the twentieth chapter of The Gospel According To Saint John?
  6. No matter how great, if God did not build it, it will be torn down.
  7. Those who worship “worshiping,” are participating in another gospel, not the gospel according to Jesus or the gospel according to the Apostolic Fathers.
  8. God has set a standard way for abundance of that which is good for mankind. When we follow a different path, we lose.
  9. Do you attend a Country Club Church, a Community Center Church, or a Believers Church? Are you ready to be a part of a Catacombs Church?
  10. Several years ago while traveling alone through north central Missouri, I was told by the Holy Spirit to “Take back the land” and “Re-claim the Territory.” I am still working at it.
  11. To love and serve God unconditionally means to do so without even the slightest thought of remuneration in any form.
  12. It is past time to take profit out of prophecy. A real message from God is never for sale.
  13. Jesus is his name, Christ is his title.
  14. One wrong move can put you on a slippery slope.