“Though you may never see its Outcome, be faithful in the Task you are given,” shared by Dr. Jane Campbell

An incredible story appeared in the news recently about a baby boy who was born late last year – four years after his parent’s death. Yes, you heard me correctly. A Chinese infant boy, named Tiantian, was
birthed by a surrogate mother four years after his biological parents
had been killed in a car accident.

Tiantian’s birth was truly the outcome of a four-year-long battle
fought by his grandparents. Tiantian’s grandparents (all four of them)
not only grieved the loss of their children (son – Shen Jie and and
daughter – Liu Xi). They also struggled relentlessly with the Communist
bureaucracy to get possession of their children’s four frozen embryos.

Due to their children’s problems with infertility, their children
resorted to _in vitro_ fertilization. Medical staff successfully
fertilized four of Liu’s eggs and froze the embryos. But one week
before an embryo was to be implanted in Liu, the couple were tragically

Both sets of parents teamed up to fulfill their children’s wish to
have a child. So, for the next several years they traveled through a red
tape quagmire to get ownership of the frozen embryos and find a willing
surrogate mother. Because in vitro fertilization is against the law in
China, they had to travel to Laos. Then, in order for the child to be a
Chinese citizen, they had to transport the surrogate mother to China for
the birth. Finally, after a heroic effort by multiple people, little
Tiantian was born – the true flesh and blood child of Shen Jie and Liu

Yet, in a way little Tiantian has many parents. There were his deceased
biological parents. Then there were his four grandparents who fought the
complex battle to carry out their children’s wishes. And of course
there was the woman willing to carry a child she could not claim as her
own. She endured the pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

This amazing story has a parallel in the spiritual realm. It illustrates
the labor which it takes to bring about the salvation of the sinner’s
soul. One person – or perhaps many – sows the seed. Others water and
nurture that seed through their kind and loving deeds and through their
Christ-like examples. This process may take many years and show no sign
of progress. Finally, however, another comes along and reaps the mature
fruit. They successfully lead the sinner to confess their sins, embrace
Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and plead with God for a new heart – a
heart that hungers for Christ and yearns to obey Him. Though only one
person may take the credit for the sinner’s conversion, it has
actually taken the work of many to accomplish.

An occupational hazard in this spiritual endeavor is that those who sow,
water, and nurture the sacred seed may never see the outcome of their
labors. Frequently, all of their efforts go unrewarded, unappreciated,
and unrecognized – in this life. But Jesus Christ knows our labors on
His behalf and He sees all the hidden battles we fight to do His will.
Jesus will reward us openly and eternally for all we have done for His
Kingdom. _“__So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and
immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that
nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless”_ (1 Corinthians 15:58,

PRAYER: Dear Father in heaven, help me to be faithful in sharing Your
Gospel and Your love with all those around me. Make me Your faithful
witness. And even though none of my efforts ever seem to be fruitful or
appreciated, help me to remain faithful, knowing that You will bring
about the final outcome of my labors and reward me in heaven. Amen.