These Prison Walls By Dennis Coad

Oh my God, I humbly pray,
That you will come to me this day,
That you will hear my anguished calls,
And free me from these Prison Walls.

I’m here for a crime I’m sorry to do,
Oh Lord, My God, I look to you,
To save me and to give me peace,
And put my lonely heart at ease.

Dear God, I pray to you each day,
I read my Holy Book and say,
Take care of my kid and family please,
And free them from their miseries.

My mother she’s special, dear God, you see,
I love her, and she loves me.
Oh Lord, please hear my cries and calls.
Lord, free me from these prison walls.

… I wrote this in prison, I did the crimes, and I did my time … That was in another life time … I didn’t know this man they called Jesus … I was in the World up to my neck, wasn’t happy and didn’t know what to do … Dennis