Acts Ministry, Inc. (AMI) is a Missouri non-profit and a General IRS 501c3 cover for 27 years. AMI is a Transdenominational and Transdoctrinal ministry providing ministerial and social services directly and/or through its various divisions and units worldwide. Its vision is, “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.” Its mission is to “Provide service wherever needed by Doing the Right Thing.”
Herewith, follows a further explanation.

AMI licenses and ordains ministers of The Gospel.  Ministers experience a broad understanding of Christianity, a supervisor who provides monthly guidance and a continual flow of information on spiritual and religious topical developments.

AMI provides non-profits the opportunity to come under their 501c3 cover and enjoy the benefits of offering tax-deductions to sponsors of their ministry.  Ministry events co-sponsored with AMI can in many instances be covered by AMI insurance.

Acts Ministry University (AMU) is a division of AMI and was recently re-started in 2019. Online and in class courses are offered to ministers, ministries and the general public. Live programming is currently available through Acts Television Network (ATN) on YouTube and Facebook. Courses are to be saved and made available on  Certificate of Accomplishment and Associates Degree in Ministry is available for recognition.

ActsFest is an annual event for the principle purpose of recognizing outstanding contributions in society. Awards and Recognitions include Christian Business Leader, Pastor of the Year, Christian Business Innovator of the Year, Christian Lay person of the year, Community Service Leader, Media Award Leader and others of significant religious and social contribution.

Acts Media Group (AMG) is responsible for communicating AMI vision and mission into the world through various forms of media. AMG adopted the latter portion of the mission statement and focuses on AMG “Doing the Right Thing,” and thereby, demonstrating the AMI mission/vision. AMG does events to raise money for its support of several social causes including: Wealth Fairs to fund its “Helping Hands Fund.”  Funds raised are used to help those who cannot take pharmaceuticals and need supplements for their condition. Autism events in shopping centers, race tracks, farms/nature events and public awareness seminars. Kidney Transplant Fund including awareness seminars and public media communication, for those needing kidneys but have certain financial limitation.

Veteran’s causes including transportation assistance in certain communities, an online church on ATN for spiritual, physical and emotional help and awareness education for veterans suffering from PTSD and other physical and neurological difficulties. Within the AMG apparatus are three broadcasting means. These are Acts Television Network (ATN), Acts Radio (AR) and The Real News-Review(RNR).

ATN has programming which is helpful, informative and inspired by Christian morals and values.
Below is a list of shows/programs currently live on ATN.
“The Morning Drive,” is a five year old morning talk show with audience dialoging, Christian perspective and major topic interaction including abortion, divorce, money, same sex marriage, etc.
“Crosswalk of Hope,” is a 6 month old show focusing on “life re-start.” The hosts and guests come from the previously homeless, incarcerated or restored addicted potion of society. Many stories are shared about life changing events and circumstances.
“Something to Celebrate,” is a 2 year program on positive things that can happen. The show highlights writers and life challenging circumstances which can have a good answer. All this is done with a touch of humor about unusual words and unusual holidays.
“The New Gold Standard,” is new show focusing on helping people better manage their resources (stewardship). All forms of investment are discussed including gold, silver, Bitcoin, stocks, bonds and bank certificates of deposit. Direct dialogue and information is provided the viewing public.
“The Power Hour,” is a two year program designed for young men and their roles as husbands, fathers, providers and educators. With a Christian accountability the viewer is exposed to the mission of “Doing The Right Thing.” Sharing of death and disappointment is openly discussed and comforted.
“The Happy Hour,” is a 2 year old program packed with guests that inform you about hearing, insurance, elder care, dentistry, medical concerns, money matters, social changes and spiritual advice.
The show is known to give you a laugh and a cry.
“The Veterans Church,” is an old time service with cutting edge help. From the hotline on the screen during the program to the music sung, veterans from their home, at a nursing home or on their motorcycle enjoy a time for them, provided by veterans.

AMG also has an online newspaper called The Real News-Review (RNR) Available 24/7 on articles range from serious to spiritual and political. AMG maintains a form on the newspaper and all media of available to all reasonable opinions. However, extreme rhetoric conservative or liberal will not be published or broadcast. The RNR is on a regular basis reduced to a copied form and distributed in the language of certain countries.

Acts Radio is a 10 year old Internet Radio channel broadcast around the world. The principal
programming is the shows broadcast via ATN.