“The Unpopular People,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Over my lifetime I became personally aware of two very “Unpopular People.” In my youth I observed the tragedies of Native Americans and as an adult the tragedies of autistic people. Neither group has the understanding, appreciation or concern demonstrated by the huge public outcry framed as “Black Lives Matter,” No there isn’t a public movement like “Black Lives Matter,” for the Native American or the autistic person. No what I see is a public again trying to cover up the group of people called autistic and call them “Special Needs.” Moreover, for the Native American to look down on their accomplishments and describe them as “Fruitless enterprises.”.

The Native American is accustomed to being lied to, promised one thing and getting another and generally placated without any recourse. Similarly, autistic people are use to having help one month and having nothing the next. They are also use to being hidden in groups of handicapped children or adults with again promises of help but nothing consistent to rely upon.Both groups are just not loud, rude and large enough for any real consistent help, recognition or for that matter any respect or love.

I sincerely regret I was unable to deliver on a promise I made to my Native American friends and relatives. I know you are familiar with “White Guys,” like me promising one thing and either delivering another or not delivering anything. In this case I had promised a “Native American Cultural Show” on ATN this year. Due to administrative developments I regret that I am unable to deliver on this promise to you in 2020. I too hate “Failed Promises,” but rest assured my heart, mind and soul is to have this show live in 2021. 

Over the years Acts Ministry has been active in Autism Projects in Kansas City, Missouri, New Milford, Pennsylvania and Springfield, Missouri. While I have been actively involved in various special needs projects my true compassion is to the families affected by autism. I will be planning on uses of our nice sized chapel area in the new building for meetings, support and service activities in 2021 for families and individuals affected by autism.

A final word on my Native American relatives, families and friends. Yes, Pam and I have visited The Kaw Nation Casinos in Oklahoma very near where my grandparents are buried and the city where my mother was born-Kaw City. Furthermore, we have played a few of their slot machine games. We visited with many people unfamiliar with our life style as we were unfamiliar with theirs.Our attitude is very simple if we win, we give it to Acts Ministry, if we lose it goes to support the Kaw Nation. Either way we win. Don’t get to excited my limit is the price of two meals or $20.00.

Please, pray and support Acts Ministry in all that it does by “Doing the Right Thing wherever Needed,” and doing it “In Unity, in Christ, through The Holy.”.