“The TV Across the Room…and the Computer on your desk or your Laptop,” by Dr. Paul C. Collins




This is a message about influences. The only ones to
be considered are those that are very near, very strong,
and somewhat impersonal. I am referring to your
television, your computer, and your cell phone.

It is very likely that in most cases the electronics in our
lives have more influence than family or friends. Everyday
we are exposed to many hours of information and
influences flowing into us via technology.
The biggest issue could be how the information ​and
influence is processed. By that I mean we can either allow
ourselves to become programmed by the secular or we
can carefully examine the input and reject that which is not
in our best interests. I consider anything that does not
make a positive contribution to my relationship with God
in Christ, through the Holy Spirit to be a candidate for

No, I don’t turn my back on entertainment. No, I don’t
turn my back on secular information. No, I don’t turn my
back on worldly influences. Instead, I try very hard to use
the Bible as a filter using prayer and the Holy Spirit as
guides. No, I don’t always succeed. My success rate is
probably less than 50% … but that is better than 0%