The Potter By Evangelist Sam Biggers

We often attempt to be the potter and press others into a mold we have created as the ideal design of mankind without regard of the knowledge that God is the Creator, the Potter, who has designed each of us with a distinctive physical image, created in His image and likeness and gifted each soul with unique talents and abilities.

We should seek to discover, appreciate and highly regard the prized eternal value God places upon each soul and become a willing servant to love them and devote our life to allow Jesus to use us to build up and not tear down or destroy His delicate cherished treasures with our words and deeds.

Rather than criticizing others, let us pray that Jesus will give us grace and mercy so we may in love show grace and mercy to mankind. We are all sinful, fallen creatures with faults and weaknesses and need a Savior. Jesus came as the Messiah and took our place at Calvary and redeemed us with the price of His life by the shedding of His precious, sinless blood. There is no salvation by any other means than freely accepting Christ’s work on the Cross.

However, although Jesus was buried, He did not remain in the grave. He rose again on the third day and we now have resurrection life because He rose again. He is the Giver of life, the Potter who is shaping each of us into unique, beautiful vessels to be used by Him for His glory if we will accept the message of the Cross and place our faith and trust in Him.

This is the message of the Bible: Jesus is Savior, Lord of lords and King of kings. How can we attempt to change someone else once we understand the beauty of the hands of the Potter who is gently shaping each of those who believe in Him into a unique vessel that He can put on display for the world to see what was broken is now made whole?

I am thankful that Jesus endured the Cross and now is seated at the right hand of the Father, watching and caring for me and is shaping me, little by little each day, into a vessel He can use to demonstrate His love to the world.