“The Party of Change,” Dr. James R. Wining

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In the 1850’s the USA was a deeply divided nation. John Brown was the symbol of Emancipation and human equality. The elitist’s (Super Wealthy) then were the “Robber Baron’s” of the industrializing Northeast and the wealthy “Cotton Plantation Owners,” of the South. Neither seemed to accept this “Change” until John Brown was hung for treason December 2, 1859!

The Democrat Party remained neutral about this societal change but not the Republicans’ who nominated Abraham Lincoln, an opponent to slavery in any fashion. Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the USA on November 6, 1860. The Civil War began April 12, 1861 and was our deadliest war. Over 750,000 people or 2% of our population were killed.

Today’s elitist’s (Super Wealthy) this time are not in cotton or in manufacturing but in technology. Furthermore, just guess what political party is saying no to these newly framed “Elitists,” the Republican Party again. What are Republicans trying to change? The normal working class Christians (those again seeking human equality) want to raise and live in a safe community for their children and for themselves. They want a society with legally immigrated citizens accountable in works, allegiance and financial support of their country. They want a country to love and not fear. They want a country with “Leadership” that considers economic conditions and makes “Common Sense Answers.” They seek human equality in treatment and opportunity.

I sincerely hope it does not require another “John Brown Example.” Further, that ideas expressed by Former President Trump can filter through the rift and the ridiculous rhetoric. Let us join together and not continue unto a ruin like we experienced in 1861-1865+ by being a divided country. It only helps our enemies and not our citizenry,


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