The Mexican Attack

“The Mexican Attack”

Russia is certainly not an ally. China certainly doesn’t have USA’s best interests. Democrats have not prioritized protecting the USA border in all 50 states. Moreover, the USA has been distracted with social immorality, historic irrelevance and distant wars in the Ukraine. What can we do to protect our lives, our families, our country and our freedoms?

Sadly when a neighboring government fails to protect itself from lawlessness the effects to itself and its neighboring countries is physically and spiritually devastating to all peoples regardless of the border. Security, peace and comfort are destroyed with little if any Faith in its government. The evolution of this fear is the goal of “The Evil One,” and has reached our country in far greater means than World War I or II or any other battle in Asia, Africa or Europe.

Mexico allows any human being regardless of their criminality to pass freely through their country and enter the USA with an agenda including a variety of nefarious purposes. In other words “Sending attackers of the USA” by the thousands into and against our country. Our weaponry thus far has been useless in defending this purposeful attack on our country. Moreover, artificial barriers such as border walls are destroyed by the Mexican government’s corruption and/or governmental inefficiencies.

While millions of these attackers from Mexico continue another equal attack comes from the transport of illegal drugs from Mexico and its “Drug Cartels.” Thousands of our loved ones die from these drugs including fentanyl, cocaine and heroin.  This particular attack spawns such horrific works in our country as “Human slave Trafficking,” exploiting woman for sex, children for molestation and men in salve labor.

If you believe “America (USA),” is the promised land and the last remnant of support of Jesus’ works then now is the time to do three things. First, read frequently, John 17 and know the comfort of our Lord. Second, read frequently, James 2 and know your works for God will bring peace, comfort and security to our people and country. Finally, pray, seek revival and make aware our country of “The Evil One,” and make those accountable in government expedite action against the evil doers of “The Evil One,” irrespective of artificial borders.

“Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.”

Dr. James R. Wining, Bishop/President

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