“The Last Call for Unity,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Christians are always talking about “Hope.” When things go bad have “Hope.” How did I get into this situation, don’t worry have “Hope.” I just don’t know what to do well, guess what, have “Hope.” This use of “Hope” goes on and on and on! This is to the point “Hope,” becomes God.

The world on the other hand sounds like the Book of James. It’s not about praying for a hungry man who needs food or a blind man that can not see. Rather it is about getting up and doing something that is evidence. The defense of Christianity and of God’s hand in your life today must produce results. Regretfully if you are going to make a difference it must be NOW!

The world has consistently shown it cannot get along. Ethnic and racial groups breed fear and distrust among neighbors and yes, once friends. Political parties can’t even agree on how to help their constituency. The earth as we know it is constantly pulled apart between different ideologies of how to use the resources provided by God’s earthly creation.

The last opportunity for Christians is not “Hope,” but real results. Show the world, political leaders, ethnic and racial groups, and environmentalist (pro/con) that Christianity can come together “In Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.” I don’t care if you call it “The Holy Catholic Church” or Acts Ministry but throw it all in now. Commit yourself, ask your Christian friends and neighbors to commit and commit your church to Acts Ministry and the vision of “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.”

Anything less than a “Transdenominational” effort will be seen at best as “Hope,” or at worst just another group of Christians that can’t get alone with another group of Christians. The world would say “there’s nothing to be learned or received from these people. They are basically the same as us just another name.” Prove them wrong and join with Acts Ministry now before you and your church are ruled “Irrelevant.” Then things will happen and Jesus will have “The Reason to Reappear!”