“The Honest Truth,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Within the next 24-36 months we should expect some major changes in our patterns of communication. Regardless, of political outcomes the freedoms we have had since inception of our country will change. The most dramatic evidence will be experienced on social network platforms. However, this will only be a symptom of our loss of guaranteed freedoms such as religion,  right to bear arms, press, speech, etc.

We should expect the broadcasting of opinions, preaching or teaching of “The Word,” and political expression will be during this time period restricted, limited and then eventually prohibited on any social media platform. The history of political and religious repression transverses time. However, one if not the most repressive in history has been socialists systems such as Nazi Germany, Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (USSR) ( Russia) and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 

We expect to continue AMG Broadcasting on social media platforms. However, its functionality will change during this time. AMG will eventually be an educational forum about what is occuring in America and Worldwide. It will abide by guidelines while offering information about worthy works such as food pantries, pregnancy help, suicide prevention, autism, educational opportunities, travel, music, health, housing, gardening etc. However, it will also refer the listener to RADIO FREE AMERICA www.radiofreeamerica.blog for “The Rest of the Story.”

Radio Free America will be the only source for “The Honest Truth and The Word,” until AMG Broadcasting joins in and can broadcast live on its own website www.actsmediagroup.com Further, Radio Free America will promote Christian music, Christian morals/values, Christian Gatherings and Christian messages. This is especially crucial for Believers who are experiencing the deterioration of the church system of teachings and its historical locational comfort.  

Now is the time for all “Good Christian Americans,” to come to the aid of their Faith and their Country. Contact us now to support and/or participate in this mission and vision, “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.”