“The Higher Calling,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Most Christians have either grown up in the safety of a specific church or denomination or have been welcomed later in life by a church or denomination. In essence these people enjoy the benefits of a group with similar outlooks and perspectives. This includes education, correction and socialization under this same framework. While touching on the Bible from different points or references the development of understandings in Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit and God maybe quite different. between such groups of people.

Obviously, Jesus knew this would happen when he delivered his last prayer in John 17:9-21. He prayed for all of us to come together as one as He was one with God. This is the vision of Acts Ministry in all that it does. Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit. Given the differences between denominations, faiths, churches and non-denominational bodies of Christ the task and road to the vision appears nearly insurmountable. In fact, time and time again ecumenical organizations have tried to accomplish unity but have had little results.

Acts Ministry on the other hand is not a Methodist or Baptist or Catholic asking others of a different persuasion to join them in unity. Acts Ministry is a “Higher Calling,” from those who define themselves simply as Christians in Unity, in Christ through The Holy Spirit.” Joining this calling is not an abandonment of your particular religious background but instead a step Jesus made when He accepted the Jew, the banker, the fisherman, the doctor or the lawyer and asked them to join him in “Doing the right thing wherever needed.” This meant unbridled spiritual and physical help.

If you are ready for this step, let us know. We are short on time and people to accomplish this last prayer of Jesus. Call us at 816-217-3307 and leave a message or email us at 4321acts@gmail.com.
Thanks,& God Bless,
Dr. James R. Wining, Bishop/President
Acts Ministry, Inc.