“The Higher Calling,” by Dr. James R. Wining

The acceptance of Jesus Christ as your path to God can evolve or explode into your life. Some of us have experiences through education and observation with the eventual recognition and acceptance of Jesus Christ. Others are moved by his presence and have immediate acceptance of Jesus Christ with observation and education down the road. However, in both circumstances their faith is either enriched by a church body of friends and acquaintance or is left for further development by personal exploration.

“The Higher Calling,” begins now! This understanding begins when clearly you have a recognition that all four corners of the world have been reached. The time of evangelism is over and now is the time of gathering. John 17 takes you step by step through the last prayer of Jesus. A unity through a gathering of all who believe in Him will come to pass. We are to be together as one in a place with Jesus Christ.

Today whether you are self developed in Jesus Christ, Group developed by a church believing in Jesus Christ or  undeveloped but believing in Jesus Christ, to step out for this last call for the believers of Jesus Christ. The trumpet of awareness is signaled by a small group of people who believe the final chapter of mankind will be judged by Jesus Christ. The question is- are you “In Unity, in Christ through The Holy Spirit.”

This is the vision of Acts Ministry that extends above and beyond any group or individual comfort. This is in order to fulfill the obligations defined in The Bible and explained in the vision given Acts Ministry, Acts Ministry must lay testimony to these facts by actions and deeds. Christians seeking The Higher Calling will affirm by witnessing together events, media communications and personal connections that are necessary to the call of the gathering. While the words and deeds are of the 21st century the purpose is founded in the life and prophesies of Jesus Christ.

This is the time to connect, utilize modern means and personalize your commitment to answer the call of Jesus Christ. Stand forward and be apart of any and all of the works of Acts Ministry including:
Participating in the production of “The Trial of Christ.”,
Listening to how to “Preach & Teach,” to Christians (Acts Ministry University),
Being aware of Christian families affected by war and/or disabilities at birth,
Involved with Acts Media Group in oral and written forms of communication and
Financially supporting the efforts of this vision and its mission steps.
Now is the time to take the next step up in your Christian walk!!!