“The Four Corners,” by Dr. James R. Wining

It’s been over a decade since Dr. Paul C. Collins introduced to me to the concept of Internet radio. As time progressed I learned and appreciated his thinking. He was and is guided by The Holy Spirit and not of man. I used Acts Internet Radio to broadcast developments in autism shortly thereafter. It became clear to me the Internet was not limited by the towers and cable of traditional radio or TV. 

We as Believers’  are charged to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. The Biblical reference of “Four Winds,” or “Four Corners,” became etched in many of our minds including me. Sending missionaries, using local radio or TV , using mail or newspapers were limited in scope and not quick enough for the need to fulfill John 17. Once again I made the decision to use the Internet and live stream audio/video over social media platforms.

Domestic and worldwide changes have been at lighting pace. We now see millions of people prideful and oppositional to Christian morals and values. The very core of creation challenged by the simple word “Choice.” Who would think Christian morals and values would be upheld by totalitarian governments like The Russian Federation or Islamic states such as Turkey? Finally, who would think our country, the home of “The Bill of Rights,” would be editing, restricting and banning “Freedom of Speech and Religion,” both in the public sector and in the private sectors?

Expect to see very shortly a ban on any content involving religion or politics.Expect tower and cable radio and TV to establish guidelines eliminating pulpit messages of faith, morals, ethics or sin. Expect credit card itemization to include all of our “Bill of Rights,” such as church donations, political action groups, social causes, guns, etc. Social Media Evangelism is more over than it was twenty-four months ago in 2020. Acts Ministry is preparing for this change.

First, we will maintain our presence on all social media platforms. Our subject matter will be informative, educational and socially responsible. Second, our broadcasts on social media will on occasion when issues of Christian value are approached refer the viewer to www.radiofreeamerica.blog and eventually to www.actsmediagroup.com (when broadcasting live in a freedom based location.)  Third, this Christian connection will be eventually our only media voice until either John 17 occurs or we can broadcast live on our own website www.actsmediagroup.com

Fourth, we will have “Gatherings,” of Believers who understand our vision “Unity, in Christ through The Holy Spirit,” at our headquarters and throughout the world as requested. These will be times to “Feed and Empower the Believers.”  Times will become tougher at schools, gas stations, grocery stores and ballot boxes but these “Gatherings,” are for you and will include all Christian walks.

Fifth, and finally is my request to “Get off the Bench.” Make a difference that will lead other passive Believers to step up. Send a donation to Acts Ministry 4166 West Kearney St. Springfield, Mo. 65803 or go to our website www.actsmediagroup.com and give via a credit card (Its a PayPal link but you can use your regular credit card.)  Don’t stop at that, start a “Gathering” or attend  a “Gathering” and listen for our comforter The Holy Spirit.