“THE CHURCH UNIVERSAL,” by Dr. Paul C. Collins


The days ahead will show the true church to be the real body of Christ. When Jesus spoke about building his church, he in no way indicated that it could ever or would ever be destroyed. I have confidence in his words and his works.

I few years ago, I told several people that the day would come when “church by appointment or reservation” would happen in the United States of America. I do not claim to be a prophet, but that statement proved to be prophetic. What do I anticipate will be happening in the future? I expect that those with a message contrary to popular culture, the “Woke” movement, and the “Cancel Culture” crowd will find themselves as targets of those who want to shut-up and shutdown the real church.

What will happen to the real church? I believe it will gather in homes until complaints are made (by unknown parties) to a new brand of local leaders who favor secularism over faith. They will claim there are too many cars parked on the street. They will say too many people are in the dwelling. They will even say that a neighborhood is not zoned for church meetings. The next step will be for the true church to go “underground” as a “Catacomb” movement.

There will be mainline denominations and many mega churches that will escape governmental interference because their message will be too neutral to pose a danger to the secular elitists. The true church that “calls out” sin, preaches righteousness, and stands tall for Christ will be the “catacomb church” in the near future.

The challenge facing the true, universal church established by Jesus is to maintain connection and accountability. You cannot have one without the other, and you cannot be the real body of Christ without both.

I urge every genuine Christian reading this to become familiar enough with modern technology to make efficient use of the Internet. If you are really unable to become skilled enough to be effective, be certain to surround yourself with people who can navigate the World Wide Web. Connection, accountability, and the survival of the real body of Christ are at stake.

Please do not take this message lightly. The church founded by Jesus is still being built on the rock of his message of the Kingdom, his death, his burial, and his physical resurrection.

If you need Internet assistance, call me. I will get you the help you need. Or you can email me at drpaulcollins@sbcglobal.net. Also, check out my website www.drpaulcollins.com.