“The Blackwoods,” by Dr. James R. Wining

RW, Donna and Andrea Blackwood

On July 20th 2018 the 25th Anniversary ActsFest, the Blackwoods performed there family heritage music- Southern Gospel. Owing to the over 50 year friendship between the Blackwoods and our Founder Dr. Paul C. Collins the Banquet was an exciting celebration for all the hard work done and planned for the vision of
“Unity in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.”

Traveling from Nashville to Pigeon Forge you are truly in awe with the reverence given The Blackwoods and their historic roots in The Southern Gospel Music Association. The Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame at Dollywood Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is filled with the memories of the accomplishments of The Blackwood family. In fact this picture is of their 1950’s bus which toured the country with the sounds of Southern Gospel Music. The bus is in the museum.


In visiting with RW & Donna Blackwood you can’t stop but notice and recognize there compassion for people with an openness usually only offered between family members and dear friends. Their faith in Jesus Christ clearly demonstrates their love of people. The pictures of these two dear friends represents the broad breathe of their openness as they are pictured here with Senator George C. McGovern (D) presidential candidate in 1972 and Governor Mike Huckabee(R) Arkansas. However, they do not abandon their southern roots and give into “So Called Political Correctness,” and leave out a piece of their heritage  from there performances “Dixie.”  No they sing it and recall it in loving respect of The South.

My wife and I joined with Dr. Paul & Nancy Collins and recently dined with RW & Donna Blackwood. We had just enjoyed a fantastic show “The Blackwoods,” at 10 AM at The Duttons Theatre in Branson, Missouri. I believe its the first time I have ever been at a Southern Gospel Concert/Show and I was totally unhappy to see it end. Try it if you haven’t. The show is a great spirit lifter filled with inspirational experiences and  messages! Click on this link and get your tickets NOW!!! http://theblackwoods.com/showschedule/

Finally, here is a picture of someone in the Blackwood Family who “Hit it Big,” on a TV talent scout show.
First, non family member who can name the person, show and year will win a special prize! Send your entry to 4321actstreasurer@gmail.com