“THE BIG PICTURE,” BY Dr. James R. Wining

Over twenty-seven years ago our Founder Dr. Paul C. Collins received the vision, “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit,” which serves as the framework of our mission, “Doing the Right Thing, wherever needed.” Through the years Acts Ministry’s has done missions for autistic children and adults, veterans, homeless, medically challenged and social cause awareness.Hundreds have been loved and helped and thousands have become aware of the Christian perspective on major social issues affecting millions of people Christian and non-Christian.

Though our media services Acts Radio, Acts Television Network, Acts Media Group and The Real News-Review we explain the decisions and issues affecting our daily lives.We deliver the Christian perspective including:being respectful of different perspectives.We demonstrate issue oriented and -non-politically partisan media which covers entertainment, religion and social issues. The service and the media experience prepared us for the “Big Picture.”

“The Big,Picture,” is more than an issue, a cause or a need. “The Big Picture,” is more than a church, a denomination or a doctrine. “The Big Picture,” is saving Christianity and its  accountability to God. By focusing on our vision we begin to understand the challenge of bringing Christians together to preserve the righteousness of God the Father, God the Son and God The Holy Spirit. We need to teach the respect, trust and love of Jesus while delivering the Christian morals and ethics value sale. Christians together in unity is the initial step in the vision and mission in the 21st Century.
(John 17:1-26)

Through this unity we reach those who have watched us in distain or disbelief. We have exampled the prayers of Jesus. Finally, we have done the “The Big Picture,” for God to see. This means we have invited the return of Jesus the most important accomplishment of our ministry.In just 300 words we summarize it for all Christians!!! (1 Corinthians 14:23)