“The Bible back in Schools, Results,” by Dr. James R. Wining

These are the results from the post done by Acts Media Group August 16-26, 2019 on Facebook.
3500 people were reached
660   people were engaged
509   positive responses
55    love responses
2    negative responses
75%   of the respondents were female
25%   of the respondents were male
35%   women over 65 were largest group of respondents
0   families signed up to send their children to school with a Bible & reading assignment

If we ignore those respondents that did not click to the page of explanation, we are still left with positive respondents and/or engaged respondents  which did not apparently follow through with action. I realize 35% of the respondents were over 65 and likely beyond “child raising years,” but is there any generational input? Moreover, remember our results are predicated on an email response to sign up and commit.

If we are to bring back the morals and values cherished by Our Founding Fathers, we must put forth real and meaningful effort. Sending a child to school today is significantly different than in the 1950’s or 1060’s. If we send our children to school with a Bible, a Bible verse to learn and we ask them at the end of the day what it meant; chances are very good you are building the character blocks of respect, trust and love.

Yes, we need talk but today we need real “Free Speech and Religious Freedom,” action to make a difference.
What do you think we should do? Email me at 4321acts@gmail.com