The Apostate Church By Dr. Paul Collins

(The word “Apostate” is used to describe an “Apostasy” which means to desert a post or assigned station)

     In some churches, worship resembles a rock concert, the clergy resemble members of the band, a stage has replaced the chancel, and strobe lights have taken the place of candles and crosses.

     It is so extreme that in some “Christian” fellowships, communion has been replaced with popcorn and Pepsi, and the youth Bible study has become a youth canteen.

     Congregational singing has become a writhing rhythmic movement using songs with the world’s melody and beat, and sensuality replacing liturgical dance.

     All of the above (and more signs of the “apostate church”) are either a reflection or the cause of a general rebellion from the house to the school house to the state house.  We live in a time when subversive politics are as acceptable as the worship of celebrities, sports mania, and the addiction to entertainment.

     Is it any wonder that our current scene unfolds with views of sexual perversion, inflation that demonstrates a monetary systemic sickness, an increasingly unhealthy populace outpacing medical advancements, and an upswing in the crime rate?

     Add into the picture the fact that the U.S. has the world’s largest prison population, people addicted to drugs and food and sex, and you have to ask yourself some questions.  Where is the real church?  When will the real church stand up and be counted for Christ?  When will there be such a demonstration of God’s power that people will be drawn to the places where His Spirit is operating rather than to the “Apostate Church?”

(The above was first published in the summer edition of a newsletter called THE REAL NEWS-REVIEW … it later became a hard copy newspaper and is now an online production.  It was in the July-August, 2012 edition)