“Survival Tools in the 21st Century, ActsFest Seminars July 16-17, 2020

ActsFest SEMINARS   JULY 16-17, 2020

Now here is the answer! Get “connected,” register and be in one of the 20 seats.”
If not, you need to register and watch online. You will learn as a servant of God the
“Tools of survival.” They have changed for churches, social media, meetings, morals
 and ethics, and writing approaches. Moreover, you will learn about cyber threats,
privacy and religious freedom.

Have you noticed all the changes? Meetings and events are nearly prohibited.
Have there been other changes leading up to this above mentioned change?
Is there a movement disavowing our history as a Christian Nation? Is there a
movement to divide us racially, ethically and spiritually? Is there lawlessness
replacing law and order? Finally, is truthful communication nearly impossible
to discern?

The answer is in small packages. The answer comes with three words-respect,
trust and love. The ActsFest Seminars are designed for that small group of people
called ministers, ministries, nonprofits, subordinated ministries and
followers/supporters of Acts Ministry, Inc. With these three words of comfort
comes the vision “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit,” and mission of
 “Doing the Right Thing, wherever needed.”

We can’t help you with advice and counsel if you aren’t connected. We are certain
you realize time for Acts Ministry is exceedingly precious. Therefore, if you are not
registered present in person or registered online for this particular
ActsFest Seminar Series we are very sorry to say  you, by your action, cause
us to give you a  “Notice of Termination.”  You are not in purpose or way affiliated,
 licensed, ordained, subordinated or have  any ministerial capacity involving
Acts Ministry, Inc.  as at  August 17, 2020.

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