“Spiritually Empowered & Intellectually Armed,” by Dr. James R. Wining

We are way past the time when preaching and teaching are principal tools of conversion. Furthermore, specific documents and procedures such as the Gospel or the Roman’s Walk are rejected without some type of cross collateralization. The demand  today is for more and more evidence. Such evidence requires research and investigation into Christian and non-Christian sources. An educational presentation of Christian facts and history is crucial in presenting a basis for Christian conversion. In fact, it has become increasingly evident that education may now be the first tool in conversion of the 65% of the USA populace defined as non-practicing Christians or non-Christians. 

Acts Ministry is “The Unity in Christ, through The Holy Spirit,” vision received by its Founder Dr. Paul C. Collins. Its mission is “To Do the Right Thing,” on a where needed basis.  Acts Ministry has helped with autism awareness, veterans issues, elderly challenges, organ transplants, chemical dependence, homelessness and other human wants, needs and concerns. It’s now time for those committed to the vision and mission of Acts Ministry to take up the challenge of the 21st Century, “The Relevance of Christianity.” What does this look like for Acts Ministers and Ministries new (credentialed in the last 5 years), experienced (over 5 years licensed and/or credentialed) or seeking credentials (now or in the foreseeable near future) . 

“The Relevance of Christianity,” is dependent on Acts Ministry ministers and ministeries ability to convert people to Christianity. Acts Ministry ministers and ministries have probably the greatest potential of success because the vision they serve is not restricted by denominational rules, historical religious guidelines or financial gain. Accepting this reality means doing works of education, teaching the education obtained and spreading this education to others.

If you are an experienced minister or ministry with Acts Ministry visit with Dr. Marty Hamilton and Acts Ministry University (AMU) and equip yourself with knowledge needed to reach the public in the 21st Century. Become “Spiritually Empowered and Intellectually Armed.” If you are a new minister or ministry do what was above mentioned including enrolling in current AMU courses now. If you are considering becoming a minister or establishing a ministry follow the above mentioned procedures and dialogue frequently with Experienced Acts Ministers and AMU Dr. Marty Hamilton. Here is the contact information:
Dr. Marty Hamilton  417-521-8976 martyhamilton182@gmail.com 
Director Pam Wining 816-806-9391 4321actstreasurer@gmail.com 
President Dr. James R. Wining 816-217-3307 4321acts@gmail.com