“Radio Free America”

Radio Free America is your source for “The Honest Truth and The Word,” Radio Free America promotes Christian music, Christian morals/values, Christian Gatherings and Christian messages. This is especially crucial for Believers who are experiencing the deterioration of the church system of teachings and its historical locational comfort. Now is the time for all “Good Christian Americans,” to come to the aid of their Faith and their Country. Contact us now to support and/or participate in this mission and vision, “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.” By demanding a voice for all, we protect even the smallest minority

Radio Free America is a ministry from Acts Media Group located in Springfield MO. Radio Free America plays Christian Country and Southern Gospel through the week, and THE WEEKEND JAM on Saturday and Sunday with 70’s contemporary Christian music to today’s Christian artists.

Radio Free America is dedicated to bring informed and uplifting programs to unite, encourage and support the body of Christ.

Download our free app “GET ME RADIO” and make “Radio Free America” your favorite.

Singers wishing to submit songs or pastors wishing to submit their sermons (MP3 format) to be aired during The Weekend Jam can do so by emailing your songs and sermons to: songsubmissions@actsmediagroup.com