Quick Look at “The Senior Farmers Nutrition Program, ” by Dr. James R. Wining

Do to the efforts of “Silvered Hair Legislators(SHL) such as Mary Chronister of House District #1, Missouri has passed the “Senior Farmers Nutrition Program.” State Representative Lynn Morris led the charge to provide this benefit for the limited income elderly. HB 1625 by Representative Morris passed the Missouri Senate 29-2 and former Governor Greitens signed the bill into law.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture will submit the grant paperwork to the USDA for full USA funding. The program should kick off sometime in 2019. This program will help both farmers with a new expanded market and seniors with limited income to purchase more good quality local fruits and vegetables.

The SHL has five priorities for 2018. These are:
                  1. Senior Services Growth & Development Services and
                  2. Revision of MoRx and
                  3. Increase funding for home delivered Meals provided by Area Agencies of Aging                             and
                  4. Maintain Property Tax Credit known as the Circuit Breaker for Renters and                                   Homeowners at the 2016 level and
                  5. Approval of Medical Marijuana use in Missouri
There work seems to be having a positive effect for the sixteen point five percent (16.5%) or nearly one million of the Missouri population which is over the age of 65.