Prayer For The Nations By Evangelist Sam Biggers

Please pray for the nation of Germany.
While it is interesting to study about a nation, we can become bogged down in details of the history of the nation, its location and many important facts, but we can become lost in the details and overlook the reason to pray for that nation. I am summarizing a few facts I discovered about Germany.
I discovered that about 35 – 36% of the German population is not affiliated with any church or religion.
Demographics of religion in Germany vary greatly by region and age. A majority of Germans under the age of 25 claim no religion. Non-religious people represent the majority in some of Germany’s major cities, including Berlin and Hamburg, and this trend is far more pronounced in what used to be East Germany; by contrast, rural Germany and western regions are more religious, and some are highly religious.
Because of the Holy Roman Empire, Roman Catholicism was the sole established religion in Germany until the advent of the Protestant Reformation. In 1517 the Reformation began with the publication of Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis detailing assertions which Luther believed showed corruption and misguidance within the Church.
We can study the influence of Luther upon the history of the Church. I encourage you to study the impact of his assertions and the division which occurred within the nation. Luther was outlawed from the state church, but the Reformation spread rapidly.
The Holy Roman Empire became religiously diverse; for the most part, the states of northern and central Germany became Protestant while the states of southern Germany and the Rhineland largely remained Catholic.
Luther is an example of how the influence of one individual can challenge established religious norms and bring a return to the centrality of Jesus as head of the Church.
Luther translated the Bible from Latin to German, establishing the basis of the modern German language. A curious fact is that Luther spoke a dialect which had minor importance in the German language of that time. After the publication of his Bible translation, his dialect evolved into what is now standard modern German.
He left a lasting impact, not only in Germany and the nations surrounding it, but upon the world. His knowledge of the Bible and language skills remain to this day.
Please pray for the Lord to raise up leaders like Luther who will carry the Gospel to this nation where many do not acknowledge a need for Christ.
Please pray especially for those under the age of 25; they desperately need the Savior. Unless God intervenes in their life, it is possible very few will know Christ in the future.
The Gospel will be be proclaimed to all the nations before Christ returns according to the Bible. Let us pray the Holy Spirit will move upon the nation of Germany.