Prayer For The Nations By Evangelist Sam Biggers

As we pray for the nations, an increasing awareness is brewing in my spirit for the need of the Gospel to be shared around the world, especially the power of the cross of Calvary and that it cannot be devalued and set aside by Christians in our daily life.

Rather than post about a nation tonight, I am going to share some reflection I have on the cross and how precious it should be in our life. There is a need for us to reflect upon it as we read and pray for the nations.

Here are just a few of the thoughts I have on the power of the cross, our need to understand it and to share it. It is my prayer for a greater understanding of the value God places on the cross and the foolishness of its proclamation. I Cor. 1:18

Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it. Luke 9:23-24 Please also read Mark 8:34-38

In both passages, Jesus spoke these words to both the crowd and His disciples gathered there. He spoke directly to the desires of the heart, the denial of self and a willingness to take up one’s own cross and follow Him. Although his statements were in a public forum, Jesus made His words personal.

Following Jesus is a serious life-altering encounter involving daily communication with the Son of God, living to take up our cross and crucify our selfish desires and to willingly become a burden bearer to spread the Gospel. Following Jesus does not depend on public consensus – it involves personal choices.

Bearing the cross for Jesus is not an easy duty or for the faint of heart – it requires God’s grace. One thing is certain; our prayer life will change when we recognize the burden of the cross. Jesus came as a servant and carried a wooden cross to Calvary for all mankind and gave His life upon it. The cross Jesus carried was much more than an instrument of death. Three men died that day on crosses. One thief accepted Jesus and a rejection of Jesus is also recorded. The cross of Christ is an instrument of division – a stumbling block of truth – the great divide between the righteous and the unrighteous.

The cross of Christ separates the truth of Christianity from all other religions… The cross is impartial to all, yet because of it, all are judged. The cross of Jesus is the demarcation; upon it the door to eternity was crucified, the Good Shepherd was nailed to it. The cross of Calvary and Jesus are inseparable.

The cross of Jesus stands immeasurably tall between man and God. To the natural mind, it is difficult to fully understand, it seems complicated and seeks explanation. It challenges the soul, the core of mankind and pierces the heart of every person. Some will believe and embrace the reality of the work of Christ on the cross. Faith is the action that binds us in love to the crucified Lamb of God once we accept His finished work at Calvary.

What will it cost me to take up my cross and follow Jesus? It can be very costly – it cost Jesus not only His life but His reputation and acceptance. Jesus took up His cross freely and with love, mercy and grace carried it to complete the work of His humanity upon earth. His redeeming work ended when He spoke these words found in John 19:30: “It is finished!”

If we are going to see a spiritual awakening in our personal life, our family, our friends, our generation, our nation and the world, a renewed profound shift must occur. The power of the work of Christ at the cross must be preached with conviction and authority and enthusiastically embraced in our daily life. The power of His resurrection must also be proclaimed. Both are basic doctrines of the Bible. Jesus is standing at the door knocking for us to allow the Holy Spirit to raise the cross of Christ in our mind, soul and spirit to new spiritual heights.

If we are going to bear our cross, we have to carry it with us in the public arena of life. We must welcome the burden to pray and to serve the needs of those outside the four walls of the church by sharing the Gospel with them even when we are uncomfortable. To be fully engaged in following Christ, we have no choice. If we know Christ, we are compelled to share the Gospel with those who have no knowledge of the cross and the power of His resurrection.

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise. Proverbs 11:30