Prayer For The Nations By Evange List Sam Biggers

As we knee our hearts in prayer today, February 10, please continue to prayer for the nations of the world. My world has been turned upside down with little time to write. I am praying for our nation and the nations around the world that the Lord brings to my mind. I do not have a specific nation which I have researched for today’s prayer request.

Sometimes we need to take time to reflect why the enemy is fighting so hare. It seems almost everyone I encounter who knows the Lord is under attack.

Let us pray that Christians will be drawn together in unity and singleness of mind to pray for each other, encourage one another and most important is to keep our heart pure in the times of struggle.

I request your prayers. God is in control and He will win the battle for us if we will depend upon Him.

May He richly bless you as you spend time in prayer and reflection on His goodness.