“PC’s and the Bullies,” By Dr. James R. Wining

America is attempting to be politically correct (PC.) Isolating aggressive behavior and ostracizing the doer in order to steer the course for a more neutral PC agenda. This end game has resulted in the hard working innovator with reason not conflict attitude, walking away from cutting edge development.  Success, leadership and eventual control is left to those who care little about PC values and opinions on such items as hurt feelings, sex, discrimination, gray line business practises and hard ball money politics. 

News media, movie stars and social cause progressives continually hound these bullies with PC correctness which are seen by such people, businesses, organizations or groups as sounds that trumpet their underlyings into a army of defence. Furthermore, PC values appear to weaken the enemies of bullies by reducing competition and stimulating new follower allegiance.  How perfect is that for drug companies, energy companies, real estate moguls or political dictators? The PC mentality fits perfectly into an oligarchy society. 

Be aware of the growing oligarchy in our own land. With millions of new jobs, reduced business regulation and open warfare against the abusing world community, battle lines of protectionism are drawn. What a wonderful combination of factors to grow a political or economic base which (1) Is Employed. (2) Views the World as taking advantage of the USA and (3) Believes only tougher resolve will persevere the USA over its enemies both internally and externally. 

Knowing the balance between PC and bullies is difficult. However, if we draw from our own history we can see how to prosper and prevent oligarchy rule so advocated during the Presidencies of Harding, Coolidge and Hoover. Moreover, preventing another cruel and illegal time as occurred during President Nixon. Shouldn’t we just leave out prejudice recognize differences and help one another on a level plain? Compromise can be good!