“Pastor Bruce Pearson a Servant’s Heart,” by Dr. James R. Wining

When we think of Bruce Pearson many feelings come to mind including love, care, and compassion. These are but a drop in the ocean of life when listing words of expression to describe such a “Great and Humble,” servant of God. His life was about the teachings of Jesus demonstrated through his wife, his family, his friends and his ministry. Taking this brief moment to reflect will never replace his presence and all the inspirational times he has spoken, exampled and done “The Right Thing,” each and every time.

For his family Bruce has been the rock for years and years. He was married and devoted to his wife Beverley. Through their many years together he was the steady and loving person for their blended family. His love was always evident for his wife and children even without their presence. So many times we would have events and Beverly would be unable to attend. Bruce would always ask if he could take a piece of the meal home with him.. He wanted to share for example, the enjoyment of a piece of  cake, pizza, or chicken with his wife who was home. You could always tell from the expressions on all our faces how much we all appreciated the love and care he had for his wife and how very kind his thoughts were all the time.

When I first became associated with Acts Ministry and Pastor Bruce Pearson we were quick to discuss the challenges of our children. We quickly lifted in prayer our sons and for Bruce at that time his prayers laid heavily upon his son Matt. I had not met Matt but Bruce expressed some of Matt’s temptation difficulties and his wonderful gift of music and serving people. We came together many times in prayer for Matt. Bruce believed if Matt was active in serving the Lord his temptations would eventually drift away. As president of Acts Ministry I was in charge of operating Acts Radio as a ministry. There came a time when we needed a voice and spokesperson for Christian outreach on Acts Radio and we both knew it was Matt. With Bruce’s wholehearted support I extended the offer to Matt and the rest can be seen daily on Acts Radio, Acts Television Network, Facebook, YouTube and around the world. What a legacy in ministry and fatherhood Bruce made that day!   

Bruce was a Vietnam veteran who like so many others suffered physically from his service. He was an “Agent Orange Victim.” His service time was always with him and his desire to reach his fellow veterans was ever present on his heart and soul as a Christian. He asked me if he could start a different kind of church for Acts Ministry. It would be a church without “brick & mortar,” but rather over the internet in the comforts of a veteran at home, at a nursing home, at his place of work or any other place which was reached through the internet. Thus, he founded The Veterans Church with his dear friends Leo Frohman and Dr. Robert Wilkie which has reached since inception thousands around the world who in most cases would never darken the space of a conventional church.

Recently, Bruce became committing time and resources to another ministry. Clean Sweep Ministry. His daughter-in-law Marcia Holland, started this ministry to help woman recover their self worth, their independence, and their dignity. Bruce provided Acts Ministry with joyful evidence of their works and Christian education. He also, gave these women in transition through Marcia direction for lasting morals, ethics and Christian character. Marcia has taken his helping guidance to improve many women, their families and the children who are dependent on their recovery.

It would be a tribute short of full disclosure if the service and relationship Bruce had with his longtime friend, mentor and teacher Dr. Paul Collins was not given. I can think of no better teacher of God’s word than Dr. Paul Collins, Founder of Acts Ministry and Bishop of First Acts Church. Dr. Collins is without question the best teacher of a broad based understanding of Christianity for yesterday, for today and for tomorrow. Bruce is the example of this fruit! Bruce for years upon years stood at the right hand side of Dr..Collins during church at Maranatha as his Associate Pastor, at Bible study as his catalyst in Christian study.,in events of Evangelism, during ActsFests and wherever needed in service to the Lord. Bruce could simultaneously be the student of Dr. Collins and the teacher of the Lord.to others around him. This is a true gift and special evangelistic tool

“If he wasn’t fixing your car he was fixing your heart!” my wife, Pam’s words describing Bruce. He had owned an automobile repair business which repaired cars and persons. In fact, the first time we met he fixed our truck in the church parking lot at Maranatha. He was a husband, father, friend, mentor, student and pastor who will never be forgotten in the world or in Acts Ministry. His voice, his inspirational poetry and messages have been duly enshrined  forever in our minds, on our website, on numerous social media platforms and in the works he started and/or supported. We will also respect his legacy by bestowing on those worthy of the standards of Pastor Bruce Pearson, with an award for their Christian service. This award will begin in 2021 and is to be known as “The Bruce Pearson Servant’s Heart Award.” God has Blessed us all with the life of Bruce Pearson.

Amen, Dr. James R. Wining, Bishop/President 


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