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Communism-public (Government) control of all means of production
Governmental control is totalitarian with no personal freedom.
Examples: China, Cuba and Russia

Socialism- public (Government) control of the major means of production
Governmental control is authoritarian with limited personal freedom
Examples: Nicaragua, Vietnam and Algeria

Capitalism-private (Personal) control of all means of production
Governmental control is Democratic or Republic with private (personal) control.
Examples: United States, United Kingdom and Japan

Why does the United States promote “Separation of Church & State?.” Clearly the fear of a state run church that leads the people into authoritarianism and eventual totalitarianism. Constraining one so fundamental personal freedom jeopardizes all personal freedoms. 
It is now being challenged in the Ukraine and is clearly an eye opener for USA proponents of greater Governmental control.

Today the “Body of Christ,” must “Gather, together,” and be the beacon of “Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness.” Otherwise what we see over there will be here! 

Dr. James R. Wining, Bishop/President
Acts Ministry, Inc.