“NOAH’S ARK AND JOHN 17:9-21,” by Dr. James R. Wining

It’s the same thing! Noah proclaiming to friends, relatives and neighbors that a flood is coming. At this point in history Acts Ministry proclaims the time of the evil one is coming and offers up the love and protection from God the Father. When you see the comparison you also see man’s fruitless efforts to reach such a plain that is incomprehensible due to doctrines, denominations, independence and grandiose Christianity. 

“Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit,” vision is a simple explanation of “The Last Prayer by Jesus,” John 17:9-21. Acts Ministry’s proclamation means get in the boat! It means throw away your prejudice and pre-conceived ideas and follow the words of Jesus. Listen and be guided by The Holy Spirit (The Comforter.) Be in unity with Jesus’ instructions and be assured God The Father is there to protect.

The dangers and death of high water were prophesied by Noah  Evil and destruction of life as we know it  are prophesied by Acts Ministry. Who would think Christians would have problems with unity, Holy Spirit and God’s power? The fact is they do. Moreover, it makes it clear why people failed to get in the boat just as those today fail to see the essence of the last words of Jesus.

I have been president of Acts Ministry for seven annual ActsFests. I am well pleased that we spend  an abundance of time gathering together people who see the changes today, know The Bible and seek annual rejuvenation and proclamation of “IN UNITY, IN CHRIST THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT?” Rejoice in this gathering called ActsFest because while we do not know the time, we do know the clouds are upon us for a great great rain!!!