New Home of Acts Ministry 4166 W. Kearney Springfield, Missouri


Acts Ministry, Inc. will be moving and beginning its operations January 1, 2021 at its new worldwide headquarters at

4166 West Kearney

Springfield, Missouri 65803.

We will be leaving our headquarters offices at The Plaza Towers after seven years at the end of the month on December 31, 2020.

Our new offices will accommodate three film studios, a large area for meetings and worship and several other ministerial services previously conducted without the benefit of centralized
services and workforce. We sincerely and prayerfully believe these new accommodations will help our subordinated ministries, ministers, affiliates, supporters and followers.

We all know this year has had many disappointments, challenges and limitations. We have seen our loved ones seriously sick and our dear friends die. None of us look forward to a world turned inward with greed, hatred and bitterness. All of which appears to be occurring with the absence of God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. This leaves us very little in the world to respect, trust or love.

This is the call of Acts Ministry into the world offering “Unity, In Christ, through The Holy Spirit..” This call is to every Christian limited by doctrine or denomination. This call is for the Christian left behind by this segregation of doctrine or denomination but still seeks the works of Christianity and its core value “Love Unto All.”

Even those outside the faith understand “Doing the Right Thing wherever Needed,” This simple mission brings together Christian and non-Christian into the unselfish gift of service and help to all who are in need. Let this be a shinning light to all. Acts Ministry works with Christians and non-Christians alike and at all times examples what Christians stand for and what Jesus prayed for in his last prayer.

God Bless & drop by our new Headquarters!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

Dr. James R. Wining, Bishop/President