“Money, Money Everywhere and Not a Nickel to Save,” by Dr. Paul C. Collins

The “regular” American family lives from paycheck to paycheck … or so they say. I believe we need to add a caveat: they live from behind paycheck to behind the next paycheck. You may be saying, “Paul, explain!” Okay, here’s the explanation in a nutshell: “Most Americans are “playing catch up.” They are always behind. That is, the paycheck is obligated before it is received.

In view of this, there is nothing to save.

On The Happy Hour Broadcast (via Acts Media Group every Friday morning at 9:30 CDT), I have stated numerous times that figures were released two years ago that 57% of adult Americans could not write a check for $1000, and 44% couldn’t write a check for $400. The percentages are higher today! Who’s to blame? The government? I don’t think so! The employer? I don’t think so! The merchants? I don’t think so! Individuals are to blame. Every person needs to be their own personal and very responsible bookkeeper, accountant, financial planner, and money manager.

Oh, you think television, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet are the cause of your problem because of advertising? Again, I don’t think so! Maybe it’s well past time for you to become a great shopper but a lousy buyer. Just because it’s offered up in a tantalizing way doesn’t mean you have to take the bait! In other words, you can look but don’t touch!