“Money Matters are Real Because It Matters,” by Dr. Paul Collins

It is very disconcerting to have a relationship with folks who are literally under constant financial stress because they never have enough money supply to meet the money demand! It is the kind of pressure that kills initiative, creativity, the immune system, and families! In fact, the list of negatives connected with financial problems is too long to be included in this brief essay.

I grew up poor but didn’t know it. Is there anyone reading this who is old enough to remember being in that situation? We had a garden, dad worked hard outside the home, mom worked just as hard taking care of the house and kids. Our clothes were simple but clean. We had no AC or central heat. We were warm in the winter and we were too warm in the summer. A treat was to go to a Friday night “picture show” (movie) and have a bag of popcorn. Meanwhile, we all learned to work at an early age. In fact, I was delivering newspapers five night a week at the age of 7. (I even collected for the paper and made change!). Nope! I didn’t know we were poor!

Now, in my 86th year of life (I was 85 this past June 5), I am saddened to report that I am seeing more poverty than when I was a child. The poverty then was unavoidable. The poverty today (in the cases I deal with) IS avoidable. Please … if you are barely surviving financially, give me one more paragraph. It is below.

Stewardship is more than a word. It is a plan. It is a plan that makes the most of what comes into your hand or your bank account. It is a plan made by the Master Planner of the universe of universes. It is God’s plan. Now, please don’t run away or turn me off! This is NOT a sermon! This is my way of telling you that God’s plan will always out–perform the best of the secular (not based on religion) financial planning. If you don’t make God your best friend, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit, you will be depending on sources that die. God never dies! That’s the end of my story for now. Please read the P.S.

P.S. I am willing to provide anyone insights into stewardship; but I particularly want to help those under financial stress. You can have my contact information, drpaulcollins@sbcglobal.net. For those who are secure in money matters but you want more in order to have more to serve others for Christ, you, too, can contact me. I do not discriminate against wealth!